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RV Fresh Water Supplies RV Fresh Water Supplies sells RV /Motor home fresh water system pumps, strainers, filters, fittings, holding tanks and many other water system accessories. RV Fresh Water Supplies SHURflo potable water pumps are self-priming and employ three independent pumping chambers to pump water smoothly and quietly. Built-in check valves prevent back flow into the storage tank. RV Fresh Water Supplies can even run dry without damage. Our RV water holding tanks are roto molded from FDA approved plastic resin, safe for fresh drinking water storage, yet strong enough to be used as septic.
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Flojet Pressure Switch Kit-02090-104 by Flojet

Price: $34.06

Flojet Pressure Switch Kit-02090-118 by Flojet

Price: $34.06

Quick Hose Connector, Brass w/ Auto Shut Off Valve-20135 by Camco RV

Price: $8.03

Elbow Adapter, 1/2″ Flare x 1/2″ Flare-06800 by Flair-It

Price: $2.83

Compression Sleeve, 1/4″-60-4 by Anderson Fittings

Price: $0.14

Compression Sleeve, 3/8″-60-6 by Anderson Fittings

Price: $0.17

Hose Reel W/45′ Of 1/2″ Hose-CW40D01R-SR by Shoreline Reels

Price: $291.67

Water Pressure Regulator w/ Gauge, Brass-40064 by Camco RV

Price: $17.80

Aquajet RV Water Pump-55-AQUAJET ARV by Aquatec

Price: $179.99

Water Pump, Aquajet ES Series-55-AQUAJET AES by Aquatec

Price: $179.99

Aquajet RV/ES Straight Fitting-QTS-556 by Aquatec

Price: $3.00

Water Pump Park Model 115VAC-2088-492-444 by SHURflo

Price: $0.00

“Whisper King” Fresh Water Pump, 2.0 GPM-2093-204-413 by SHURflo

Price: $107.66

AquaFlex Water Hose, 1/2″ x 15′, 5-Ply-7503-15 by Apex

Price: $8.90

AquaFlex Water Hose, 1/2″ x 25′, 5-ply-7503-25 by Apex

Price: $11.64

AquaFlex Water Hose, 1/2″ x 50′, 5-ply-7503-50 by Apex

Price: $19.81

TastePURE Reinforced Fresh Water Hose, 25′-22733 by Camco RV

Price: $16.39

AquaFlex Water Hose, 5/8″ x 25′-8503-25 by Apex

Price: $14.72

Multi-Fixture Demand Water Pump, 3.5 GPM-2088-453-444 by SHURflo

Price: $141.38

Hook-Up Hose, 1/2″X10′-7533-10 by Apex

Price: $7.10

Hook-Up Hose, 1/2″X4′-7533-4 by Apex

Price: $5.28

NeverKink Water Hose, 5/8″x 25′-8602-25 by Apex

Price: $18.76

NeverKink Water Hose, 5/8″ x 50′-8602-50 by Apex

Price: $31.51

DWS Starter Kit Hose, 1/2 x 25-7533-25 by Apex

Price: $10.70

Water Pump Replacement Head Assembly-94-236-08 by SHURflo

Price: $57.34

NeverKink Water Hose, 1/2″ x 25′-7602-25 by Apex

Price: $15.07

Neverkink Comm Hose, 5/8″ X 50-8884-50 by Apex

Price: $33.85

Stow-A-Way Carrier Strap-HH102 by TEKNOR APEX COMPANY

Price: $2.87

Fresh Water Pump, 12V DC, 2.8 GPM-2088-422-444 by SHURflo

Price: $77.29

Sensor VSD Water System, 4.5 GPM, 12-24V-R4525-743A by Flojet

Price: $274.27

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